Trials HD shaves a third off its price. BUY IT!

The magnificently frustrating Trials HD is receiving a significant price cut tomorrow, falling from its usual 1200 MS Points to a dirt cheap sum of 400 MS Points (£3.43/$5/€4.80). Seriously, if you don’t own it already then you really should do by tomorrow and can also grab the first DLC called Big Pack which too reduces in price to 240 MS Points (£2.06/$3/€2.88). RedLynx is offering such generosity in the hope to gain more players before next week’s arrival of the second Trials HD DLC pack, Big Thrills. That little bundle of 40 new tracks and achievements will cost 400 MS Points.

Trials HD harkens back to those glory days of gaming where the goal was simply to have fun, beat your friends and ‘just have one more go’. Restarting a level by the tap of the back button is like when Tony Hawks games were good and if you didn’t pull off a trick just right, you’d restart the whole level. It’s teeth-grittingly annoying but oh so moreish it hurts. Buy it. You’ll love it.

{Thanks Eurogamer}


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