Bayonetta, the early years

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Before Bayonetta was the caffeine induced trill ride that it is today, Platinum Games had a slightly slower idea in mind. Sega has released footage of an early build that, for the most part, is the same fantastic game we received in January but, the combat in the clip lacks speed and therefore a lot of its insanity. I’m glad Shinji Mikami and his team felt it necessary to ramp up the action because that level of madness seems to have become a signature characteristic for the developers and something they do very well (see also Vanquish!) Another thing for which I’m grateful is the changing or art for the menus and intro screen. It’s just nasty and while the final product may not win any awards for the UI it’s better than the dodgy fonts seen at the start of this video. But what’s most impressive is how this prototype build looks like a final game and could have been released in the state we’re seeing. I’m not sure if it would have been as fun though it does seem more playable than a lot of existing third-person action games.

{Thanks Gamesradar}


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