iDevices feel the RAGE!

The future is now with the release of Rage: Mutant Bash TV for iOS devices. The handheld variant of id Software’s dirty shooter has found its way onto the App Store today and is only 59p/$.099 or £1.19/$1.99 is you opt for the higher resolution iPhone 4 and iPad versions.

Built specifically for all manner of things with ‘i’ at the start if their names, Rage: Mutant Bash TV is an on-rails shooter based in the post-apocalyptic universe of next year’s console. That makes Apple gamers the first to experience the world of Rage, something of a first for western mobile gaming. Usually iDevices get a watered down port of a game that already had its moment on consoles but things maybe slowly starting to change. When the beautiful Infinity Blade was renamed from Project Sword, Epic Games hypothesised that within only a few years time, we could see something like Gears of War appearing on iOS systems and lets not forget (though it may be better if we did) the Mass Effect game which linked into the story of ME2 that was exclusive to the iPhone last year.

But the issue that is always brought up and difficult to truly argue with is the lack of responsive buttons or control scheme that plagues many great console-centric iDevice games. It would only take one developer to really crack that problem and for the rest to follow for the critics to be finally silenced.

And until we get there, an on-rails solution seems a great fit for a vision like Rage to start its life on a handheld over its console and PC brethren.


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