Massager coming to Dead Rising 2

Capcom announced in September that Dead Rising 2 was to get another chunky DLC pack in the vein of Case Zero, this time called Case West. Featuring the first game’s hero, Frank West, details were scarce about the Xbox 360 exclusive but Siliconera reports that the ESRB has leaked a couple of interesting titbits. A new combo weapon, the sickle-katana, was revealed but, and this is quite cute of them, something called a ‘massager’ found in a lounge that sports a neon XXX sign. Whatever could that be? The blurb then states that said massager is shaped like a sex toy so does that mean Dead Rising 2 is getting a vibrator? The game already has dildos as a weapon so there’s only a short step – and a couple of batteries – until you’re in vibrator territory. Apparently, players can use it to strike zombies and human characters so no one is safe from the killer jublies.

Is this something games have been missing all these years? Sex toys that can be used as weapons?


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