Star Wars multiplayer shooter headed to iPhone

Coming soon to the UK App Store but already lighting up iPhones in the glorious Canada is Ngmoco’s Star Wars: Imperial Academy. From what fathomed off the official site, the game is another multiplayer FPS headed to Apple’s platform that supports four-player deathmatch over wifi and 3G. Choose from what appears to be one of five Stormtroopers and duke it out over some famous locations from the movies like Tattooine, Cloud City and Hoth. It just isn’t a real Star Wars game without a Hoth level is it? Weapon and armour upgrades are as standard and the game includes varying skills settings for beginners to advanced online players.

Multiplayer shooters have really come into their own on the iPhone recently with games like NOVA and Eliminate Pro solidifying the way for future titles. The on-screen controls still feel like a barrier for me but like everything, practice makes perfect right? No date for Europe has been given yet but since it’s already doing the rounds in Canada, it should only be a matter of days.

{Thanks Slide to Play}


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