Musings: The celebrating or disregarding of Blops

Without discrediting Activision, Treyarch or, to a lesser but ever so important extent, Infinity Ward for making Call of Duty: Black Ops the biggest entertainment launch in history but we all knew it would happen. Even back when Modern Warfare 2 was still riding high before all the backlash, it was so very apparent that the next CoD game would improve on its success. So celebrations all round right? Our favourite medium is the greatest of all forms of entertainment! Well not quite. Not everyone is waiting to support the franchise as much as those die hard fans who play little else. There are a distinct group of gamers who couldn’t care less and aren’t so proud of such an achievement.

Where do sit? Would you boastfully tell all your non-gaming friends that Black Ops has bested everything from Hollywood and the music world? Or would you instead champion the ‘little guy’ and speak of successes like PlayDead’s Limbo on XBLA which sold incredibly well for a downloadable game? And while we’re on the subject of downloadables, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero‘s slim price tag and early peak into the main game helped it sell almost 500,000 in two weeks. A rather impressive number for what it was.

Of course there is a level of crossover but if push comes to melee, what do you feel most proud of? The fact that a triple A franchise has proven its seemingly unstoppable power giving the video games industry another record breaking milestone or the fact that we’ve gotten to a stage where two experiments (for lack of a better term) sold above and beyond expectations, smashing their own personal achievements?


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