Lots more Transformers games on the way

Considering Transformers: War for Cybertron was probably one of the better video games based on the fantastic toy range (I still love them!), it’s no surprise that Hasbro announced a sequel is in the works and coming in 2012. Whether or not High Moon Studios who worked on the first game have been called back to action is unclear but IGN believes that it’s highly probable, as do I.

Senior vice president and general manager of digital media & gaming (phew!) Mark Blecher said “[War for Cybertron] is the most highly-rated, critical success of any game that’s had the Hasbro brand yet and we’re looking forward to a sequel in 2012.” The hype leading up to the game – which I’m guilty of – was possibly more exciting than the final game. It wasn’t bad but just wasn’t great nor was it the Transformers game fans have been so desperate to play since the PS2 game.

But the sequel isn’t the only video game featuring morphing robots as two others were also confirmed. Naturally, Transformer: Dark of the Moon is coming in 2011 to coincide with the third ‘live action’ movie and NetDragon‘s Transformers MMO will indeed be getting a western release. Personally I’m still smitten with the charming iPhone and mobile turn-based strategy game that had an all-star cast of wonderfully retro Transformers. Why can’t we have more of those please?


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