Gran Turismo 5. November 24th. Honestly.

Today Sony announced via the PlayStation Blog that November 24th is the new official release date for Gran Turismo 5. I know it seems like we’ve walked down this path many times before, only leading to misery and contempt but considering there are people who already own a copy, I’d imagine this one’s for realsies.

So what does GT5 offer in just over a week’s time? Over 1,000 cars and 71 courses that’s what. Cars like the humble Ford Ka right up to F1 speedsters are among the thousand odd vehicles and all the expected tracks of a racer, like Nürburgring, can be driven on. Sadly, only 11 out of these courses have the game’s dynamic weather system and just five have the ability to be raced day or night.

But hey, Gran Turismo 5 is actually coming at long last. Who’d have thought it eh? What next, Duke Nukem Forever?


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