Rockstar presents, L.A. Noire

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rockstar’s debut trailer for crime thriller L.A. Noire has hit the internet and provides a glimpse into the tone of the game. That being dark, seedy and violent. What else do you expect from a company like Rockstar? Horses and cowboys?… Oh wait a minute… Anyway, there’s little if any actual in-game footage but how the engine handles facial animations is superb. Much like it was in the DLC for GTAIV and the brilliant Red Dead Redemption. Los Angeles will be the sandbox for this title and the 1940’s is where L.A. Noire draws its influences, following a detective as he tried to solve a series of murders. Heavy Rain meets GTA maybe a crude resemblance but one that wouldn’t necessarily be a negative if it turns out to be true. The balance between puzzle solving and open-world exploration could make for a great game as long as long as it’s done correctly of course. I’m purposely being vague because not a great deal else is known about the game so far but I’m sure Rockstar will keep us informed in the months to come.

L.A. Noire was originally a PS3 exclusive but it was later revealed that a version for the Xbox 360 is also coming in Spring 2011 when the game is set for release.


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