Black Ops and the ever continuing console wars

It’s highly likely that if you’re interested in first person shooters, you’d have already played Call of Duty: Black Ops. Tuesday’s release was greeted by millions of gamers lining up in the dark to be the first to play Treyarch’s ‘masterpiece’ but for anyone still unsure which console to buy it on, Digital Foundry has the answer. Of course if you only have the one console there’s little need to check out the incredibly detailed comparison of PS3 and Xbox 360 versions but there are a few interesting trinkets that will no doubt pour gallons of fuel onto the fanboy fires.

It’s swings and roundabouts on both systems but shockingly, the PS3’s 3D “isn’t very satisfying at all,” and even its 2D game lacks in performance when compared to a smoother 360 game. The team clocked the first level running as low as 20 frames per second when played in 3D on the PS3 which is disturbing for a game that targets 60FPS in 2D. Well, disturbing for supporters of 3D who are sadly only able to receive 30FPS at best. The graphical glitches on the PS3 were the result of a few bugs so Digital Foundry say and that: “there’s little doubt that the Xbox 360 offers the better experience: superior image definition, and a pleasingly smoother run of play.” But it’s stressed that regardless of platform and because both versions have their good and bad points, you’ll still be getting a brilliant game. And lets face it, the only people who can truly be smug about the superiority of performance are those who are enjoying Black Ops on their PCs.


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