Star Wars and Forza 4 coming 2011

At Kinect’s UK launch event last night, creative director Kudo Tsunoda teased one BBC interviewer with some rough dates for a couple of upcoming titles. A year from now should see the release of Lucas Arts’ motion controlled Star Wars game which was revealed at this year’s E3. The announcement video was blatantly scripted but showed how a video game mechanic like the force could be incredibly fun when controlled by thrusting and waving.

The second title Kudo mentioned was Forza 4 coming in 2011 with some form of Kinect integration. Despite its E3 video, motion controls for Turn 10’s racer will doubtfully be the only way to play the game and more likely be subtly introduced so not to alienate the core fan base. At least I hope so anyway…

Kinect’s launch titles are mostly family friendly games that give a taste of what the tech can do but hopefully, with enough support from Microsoft, developers should begin to utilise the hands-free device in more creative ways. Both Star Wars and Forza 4 have the potential to do just that.


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