What goes into making a Pokemon?

I always thought that Pokemon where created as a result of a particularly intoxicated evening meeting but it turns out that there is more to it. The softly spoken Kevin Gifford has written an article about the whole process that developers Game Freak go through in order to increase the list of poke-pals which currently boasts 649 creatures. Around 17 members of Game Freak’s design team come up with their own characters that are then scrutinised in meetings and personal one-to-ones. Despite the pressure of making a game for a gigantic franchise, the designers aren’t expected to produce a limitless number of Pokemon but usually do as 3D art director, Takao Unno explained: “There’s no particular number that each designer needs to create, but they come up with far, far more designs than actually get included in the game.” So somewhere on the floor of a Japanese office space there is a bounty of unused creatures which almost seems a shame.

Head over to 1up to read Mr Gifford’s insightful look into the creation of Pokemon.


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