Milo was never a real boy

As the US today greets Microsoft’s attempt to lure over the casual audience, Kinect, Alex Kipman, who created the device, answers once and for all just what happened to Milo. Interestingly enough, Milo as a game or even a product never really existed in the first place. When Kinect was first revealed back in 2009, Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux debuted a piece of tech that had a virtual boy interact with a real human. Known as Milo, the tech was often dubbed as being a full game but according to Kipman, it was never something that Microsoft had ever suggested. Milo was nothing more than a sandbox and a tool for developers to hone their skills with the tech of Kinect. Kipman said: “[Milo] was never really a product, I will tell you that the technology developed in that sandbox, and by the way we continue to develop technologies in that sandbox, has migrated pretty closely to what you see in a game called Kinectimals.”

But confusion still lingers as too whether we’re getting the whole truth. Back in July, the developers behind Kinectimals, Frontier, denied the use of Milo in their virtual pet game saying: Kinectimals has been in development since before we saw Milo. It is built using Frontier’s own technology shared with other Frontier games in development, and ideas evolved from earlier games like Dog’s Life. There has not been any involvement in the technology or design by Lionhead. Milo and Kate is a completely separate (and intriguing) development from Lionhead.”

See? Baffling isn’t it? The only thing that it is certain is that Milo as a game was never meant to be. Poor Milo.

{Thanks Videogamer}


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