Voice Fantasy screams onto iDevices

JRPG giants Square Enix have today announced a completely new kind of role-playing game for the iPhone called Voice Fantasy that is almost as literal as it sounds. With an art-style reminiscent of old-school Final Fantasy games, Voice Fantasy does away with traditional controls and instead uses the players voice to summon characters into a turn-based battle. The volume and pitch determines the characters jobs and abilities. The game seems more to do with battling than any kind of story with three modes available. A one-on-one Single Match, Tag Match for two-on-two showdowns and something called Demon King where players fight AI monsters.

Voice Fantasy sounds interesting on paper but is something that is unlikely to be one for the bus stop or lunch break. Barking orders into iDevices could attract some unwanted attention! But the concept sounds fun even if the price of £1.79/€2.39 may be hard to justify for a mechanic that hasn’t been too successful in previous games. Could the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch be the medium where these types of controls take off? See for yourself as Voice Fantasy is available now on the App Store. Just don’t shout too loud when playing it.


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