Demos return to WiiWare, for now

Nintendo’s short-lived initiative to have demo on their WiiWare store returns this Friday but again, will only be for a limited time. Rather than building a stock of trial games, the big N plan to continuously change the demos on offer, replicating the methods of 2009 which ceased in January this year. Last year’s sudden need for WiiWare demos was the result of a drop in sales for Nintendo and with recent figures for the Wii and DS being below average, it’s no surprise demos are back on the Wii Shop Channel. What is surprising is why Nintendo believe that giving people the chance to sample games before purchasing isn’t a mandatory feature. The lack of promotion for WiiWare games is damaging enough considering there are some fantastic titles available for download.

Four games that have a chance at winning over budding consumers as of 5th November are Furry Legens, Jett Rocket, ThruSpace and Zombie Panic in Wonderland. Catch them while they’re hot.

{Thanks Eurogamer}


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