Xbox Fall update goes live tomorrow, November 1st

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Remember, remember the 1st of November. Or is it the 5th? Doesn’t matter, as of tomorrow, the start of 2010’s penultimate month, Microsoft will be rolling out their Fall update to everyone connected to Live. And a lot of changes come with it like those odd little Avatars being re-shaped to be more proportional, readying them for Kinect. Which, as it happens, is one of the big reasons for the Fall update because from tomorrow, our Xbow 360’s will have full Kinect support ready for the device’s arrival on November 4th in US and 10th in Europe.

But it’s not just about motion-controls, Microsoft’s seasonal update modernises the user interface (okay, that has a little to do with Kinect), improves navigation and responsiveness of said UI and cleans up the audio for Party chat. The dashboard’s QWERTY keyboard has been made easier to use and Xbox Live Marketplace has also received its fair share of refurbishment, limiting the amount of needless steps taken to get to the store’s actual content.

Other such niceties coming with the Fall update can be seen in the video above and Microsoft claim it will only take between five and ten minutes to download and install. I hope so as I do hate waiting for systems to update (PS3 I’m looking at you!)


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