Retro Splatterhouse coming to mobiles

To coincide with the reboot of arcade gore-fest Splatterhouse, coming to HD consoles next month, the original game has been announced (via Destructoid) to be making its way to mobile phones around the same time. Namco Bandai will be releasing the game on iPhone, Windows Mobile and other portable wizardry for a yet unknown price but if you’re thinking of enjoying both old and new versions, the original game comes as an unlockable on the disc. So you’re already covered.

Having the 1988 arcade game on a mobile device would probably serve more as a nostalgic treat than entertaining experience since the game wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible by any means but the draw seemed to be its copious amounts of blood, guts and foetuses over any gameplay elements. And it’s not as if games are only played for their goriness nowadays are they?…


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