Resident Evil 3DS lets you move and shoot

Issue 62 of the Official Nintendo Magazine has just come out here in Europe and inside they discuss Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS which turns out to be more than just a name. The big revelation ONM reveal is that players will be able to move and shoot – an ability lacking in previous Resident Evil titles. Enabling a mobility in combat has been a highly debated topic for fans of the series and probably why the 3DS version isn’t going to be a run-and-gun affair but rather a crawl and aim type of system.

Resident Evil: Revelations stars Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine who are on a cruise ship and begin to bicker amongst themselves, causing instability to their friendship. While all the name calling is going on, a monster begins tearing apart the floating environment and multiplying. Gross. Battling said creature and traversing an ever collapsing cruise ship is the crux of the game but the main focus will be on the story and how, or indeed whether, Chris and Jill can patch things up before the whole thing sinks around them.

ONM state that this could be the best Resident Evil game to date and the use of 3D in a horror game is the best thing since sliced zombies. Having creatures look as if they’re actually leaving the screen in your fearful direction does sound like it would be brilliant.

More information of just why ONM think Resident Evil: Revelations is so good can be found in the latest magazine out now.

{Thanks Rely on Horror via That Video Game Blog}


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