Dragon Age II rises to power in this new trailer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ah, Dragon Age II. A name that for some gamers has become dirty words from the mouth of BioWare. The move away from a PC focused experience to cater for the console majority hasn’t gone down too well but if not anything else, the trailers have always looked awesome. But they would, they were all cut-scenes so the Canadian developer has released a video that is fully in-engine and still looks fantastic. Still little of the newer game mechanics are shown but ‘Rise to Power’ as it’s called gives a tad more insight into Dragon Age II‘s story and band of characters that the hero, Hawke, has to enlist in order to, wait for it, rise to power.

You can definitely see how BioWare have progressed as a company and the techniques they’ve clearly learned from making the Mass Effect games. Like the second of these space operas, Dragon Age II appears to me more cinematic as if hoping to be a Hollywood smash whereas Dragon Age: Origins seemed like a cult classic. Since I fall into the console-gamer category, I really like the new direction and everything I’ve seen so far making me quite excited for Dragon Age II‘s release in March 2011.


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