No More Heroes Paradise to be PS3 exclusive

Konami have announced that No More Heroes Paradise is to be a PS3 exclusive when it’s released in the US and Europe in 2011. Travis Touchdown’s leap in to HD has already been out in Japan on both Xbox 360 and PS3 since February this year but the West will only see the it on a Sony platform.

On top of new high definition graphics, No More Heroes Paradise will feature Move support, new levels, added bosses, a reboot mode letting you take on bosses again for kicks and a viewer mode that plays your choice of cut scene in HD.

But here’s where it get a bit confusing. If the Western No More Heroes Paradise is a translated version of the Japanese PS3 game, then it’ll be censored as only the Xbox 360 iteration had the infamous lashings of blood in Japan. And the Xbox exclusive ‘Very Sweet’ mode where all female characters trade their clothes for more skimpy attire will also be missing.

Hopefully the full uncensored version will appear on our shores when No More Heroes Paradise is out, some point in 2011.


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