Panzer Dragoon returns as Leucistic Wyvern

Fans of Sega’s Panzer Dragoon series will get a nostalgic kick out of Xbox Live Indie Game, Leucistic Wyvern out now on Microsoft’s online store. The Japanese developer, Mukago Software, looks to have trawled through his back catalogue of games and made a tribute to a great but forgotten franchise. Panzer Dragoon began on the Sega Saturn and died in the Xbox so it’s only fitting that the 360 resurrects the memory in some form or another.

Nine stages await the beast in Leucistic Wyvern whose attacks are fuelled by powerups. The on-rails shooter is going for only 80 MS Points (69p/€0.96/$1), less than a comical hat or item of clothing for your Avatar but definitely better value.

{Thanks Siliconera}


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