Mario was born with a gun in his hand

Nintendo’s loveable mascot and game-selling mascot has always been a family friendly character. The type of person you’d be happy to leave your kids with while he fixed your pipes and stamped on turtles. According to the free retrospective booklet that comes with Super Mario Collection Special Pack on the Wii, Shigeru Miyamoto’s original vision was a tad more violent. While a lot of the basics are the same – that of Super Mario Bros. being a platfomer of sorts – the highly detailed book states that the control scheme featured buttons for shooting rifles and beam guns or kicking his opponents. A rocket was also mentioned but would have been used for aerial propulsion rather than utter destruction.

Can you imagine how Mario would have turned out if his beginning had such weaponry? The ability to throw fireballs at Koopa Troopas seemed a bit harsh at the time so kicking and then gunning them down with a rifle would have been downright disturbing!

Europe will be getting a version of Super Mario Collection, known as Super Mario All-Stars, on December 3rd this year.

{Thanks Andriasang}


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