LittleBigPlanet: Filth is an unreachable dream

Considering one of the first objects players cobble together when given the chance in games is usually phallic, it’s no wonder that Media Molecule would rather embrace the act instead of just censoring it. Speaking with GamesTM magazine (via Gamerzines), creative director Mark Healey spoke of his efforts in bringing Sony round on the idea: “I am constantly trying to persuade Sony to release an adult version of LittleBigPlanet. LittleBigPlanet: Filth, where all the moderated content goes to. I’d love to see that, but they’re not having any of it.”

Hardly surprising really but a shame nonetheless. With the average age of gamers ever increasing and the medium trying to appeal to larger audiences, a tongue-in-cheek (no pun intended) version of a franchise that’s all about fun wouldn’t hurt Sony’s credibility too much would it? Unless of course an uninformed reporter gets wind of it and proclaims the downfall of humanity. Hmm. On second thoughts, never mind.


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