Mac to have their own App Store

During Steve Jobs’ unveiling of the new Mac operating system yesterday, the lord of Apple announced alongside OS 10.7 Lion, as it is to be known, that the App Store will be coming to Apple desktop computers. Since Macs are lacking in a touchscreen interface, the Mac Apps won’t necessarily be controlled like iDevice games which suggests that any kind of crossover between the portable App Store and home one will have some limitations. A few rumours bubbled up about Apple releasing a touchscreen iMac next year but such a claim was shot down by Jobs who said that “touch surfaces want to be horizontal,” and therefor not part of a monitor.

Mac Apps may not control like their handheld brethren but will utilise all their best features like autosaving, instant resuming and a simple one-click purchasing system. It’s no surprise that Apple want to replicate the mini-gaming success of iPhones and iPads but the App Store of these devices has become a bit of a free-for-all of content. Better management and a stricter acceptance scheme will be needed to weed out the mass of poor to terrible games and applications that will no doubt try and find a home on the Mac App Store.

Jobs claimed the new App Store will be launched within 90 days but nothing more specific was revealed. It’s a pretty cool addition to Apple’s home computers but a dangerous distraction if like me you use Macs for a living!

{Thanks MCV}


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