Space Channel 5 part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing set for XBLA and PSN

Sega has today confirmed via press release that two more classic Dreamcast titles will be heading to XBLA and PSN with sparkly new HD graphics. Following on from Sonic Adventure (out now) and Crazy Taxi (coming November 24th), gamers will get to swing the hips of virtual reporter Ulala in Space Channel 5 part 2. It’s a kind of rhythm-action game where an enthusiastic lass takes on a villainous group of rogues by dancing and shooting. Yes it was odd and will be again soon!

Joining Ulala and her ever growing band of dancers is SEGA Bass Fishing, a game that originally came with a fishing rod-shaped controller. Possible PlayStation Move support? Maybe but it’s more likely that SBF will be a straight port with better visuals.

All Sega have revealed so far is that both games will come to the downloadable services early 2011. It’s a good start for re-released DC games and hopefully won’t be the last of them either.


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