Medal of Honor sells 1.5m. EA says thanks with free DLC

I was quite surprised when the new Medal of Honor shot to the number one spot in this week’s UK games chart. Not because I think it’s a bad game or anything but from the footage, general hype and controversy, I didn’t expect great things. Nor did a lot of reviewers but clearly none of that matters since EA proudly revealed that Medal of Honor sold really rather well. In just five days, 1.5 million units shipped equating to around $100 million for the publisher. Not bad eh? As a little thank you to gamers who picked it up, EA are releasing a free DLC called Clean Sweep featuring an online elimination mode with two new maps, Bagram Hanger and Khyber Caves plus redesigned versions of Diwagal Camp and Kabul CIty Ruins maps. The new online pass scheme (where gamers must enter a code given with a new copy to play online) is needed so EA’s generosity and thanks only comes to those who bought the game new.

The Clean Sweep DLC is available via PSN and Xbox Live on November 2nd.

{Thanks Industry Gamers}


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