God of War Collection coming to PSN

It was only a matter of time before Sony released PlayStation 2 games onto their online store and this morning, announced both God of War and its sequel, God of War II, will be available from November 2nd. The date just so happens to also be the release of new PSP game, God of War: Ghost of Sparta which too finds a place on PSN.

Like the 2009 Blu Ray disc of both original GoWs, the Store versions have remastered HD graphics, 60 frames a second and according to the PlayStation Blog, introduces Trophy support for the first time in the franchise. A price is yet to be revealed but I with the Blu Ray collection costing £25, it would make sense for the downloadables to be a similar price if not cheaper. Though platform holders don’t always make a lot of sense…

The news is a pretty big deal because it certainly leaves the downloadable door wide open for other PS2 classics, something many gamers have been clambering for since Sony removed backwards compatibility on PS3s. With such a large and eclectic catalogue of games, the excitement of these being available on the PS3 seems a little ironic in some ways but fantastic in many others. What game or games would you like to see appear on PSN? I can think of quite a few!


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