ilomilo goes AT&T exclusive

Despite having a slightly odd name, Windows Phone 7 has been given a release date of October 21st and among all the interesting linkages with Xbox Live accounts, the phone will play host to a number of games. One such title is ilomilo, a quirky platformer first seen back in April. Then is was said to be headed for Xbox Live Arcade but the unveiling of Windows Phone 7 brought with it the announcement that ilomilo will be exclusively available to owners of Microsoft’s mobile with an AT&T account. It’s unclear as to how that will translate for here in the UK since AT&T is an American service but what’s more concerning is whether or not ilomilo is still coming to XBLA. The fact that it was playable earlier this year would suggest that it will do but the exclusivity for AT&T could delay ilomilo’s Xbox 360 debut. If that is the case, it’ll be a crying shame. Not just because tariff exclusives, like many retail exclusives, aren’t in the consumer’s best interest but limiting the audience of such a highly previewed game is lunacy. I’m sure that the marketing moguls of Microsoft would disagree but as a gaming enthusiast, I think it would be foolish.

{Thanks Joystiq}


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