New Shenmue announced… kind of

When I read a article from Kotaku saying that there will be another Shenmue game and it’ll be out this year, I knew something had to be amiss. Still, with a hopefull heart I clicked the link and found that yes, Sega have announced a new Shenmue that is in fact coming this year. But only for Japan. Curses. Oh and it’s not Shenmue III. No, it’s a social networking game… what?! Shenmue Town will be a game for Yahoo! Japan’s mobile-based social network and will be available by the end of the year. The press release states that it’ll be the third Shenmue game, which it is, but it’s highly doubtful that the story from the first two brilliant games will be concluded in anyway in Shenmue Town. That has to be the biggest shame as fans of the franchise have been waiting since 2001 for some kind of ending after the cliffhanger of Shenmue II. I hope that Shenmue Town and the popularity of mobile-based socialising in Japan helps to make the series profitable for Sega and finally deliver a ‘real’ third game.


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