Rune Factory 3 gets a US release date

Natsumi have announced that after a long wait, the third instalment to their Rune Factory series is coming to the US on November 9th. The franchise took its queues from popular farm-sim Harvest Moon but added a fantasy setting with monsters to fight and train. President and ceo of Natsumi, Hiro Maekawa, is clearly very excited about its western arrival: “We can’t wait for Rune Factory 3 to hit stores next month so players can experience this thrilling new chapter in the Rune Factory saga. It’s loaded with content: great new characters, more than a hundred challenging quests, and an all-new multiplayer mode! It’s one of the deepest and richest RPG experiences you can find on the DS!” See?

The new features Maekawa is talking about are quite drastic for the series. Before you could only befriend non-playable characters but Rune Factory 3 allows you to recruit them for missions and utilise their unique skills in battle. It’s not only NPCs that can join your cause however, the added multiplayer mode lets you and real friends take on all manner of nasties. It’s slightly ironic that a franchise with socialising being the core mechanic has taken three games to add multiplayer but it’s here now so lets enjoy it! And of course, the new ability to change Micha, the game’s hero, into a monster. Not many farmers can do that eh?

Rune Factory 3 is heading to the States next month but not so much has been mentioned about Europe. Understandable when you think that we haven’t had the second game yet! Thank God for import sites…


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