LBP2’s delay due to disconnected PS3s

News of LittleBigPlanet 2‘s delay was a disappointment laced with a hint of relief what with all the other games coming out in the holiday period. But the reason for the set back is as sweet as it is obvious. Speaking with VG247, Alex Evans of Media Molecule said: “Like LittleBigPlanet, we will be supporting the game with patches, updates and whatever, but you have to realise right from the beginning that there are those people who don’t have online and that is why we decided it was the right decision to delay the game.” He added that after some late play-testing, the team felt LBP2 wasn’t exceptable for a Blu-Ray release and since there are a certain number of gamers who are not online, they would be unable fix the issues via updates. Evans wants LBP2 to be something Media Molecule are “proud of.”

Such a sweet and thoughtful reason for holding back a game would have been the norm only a generation or two ago. The latest tech has allowed developers – or more like publishers – to release a game that isn’t quite ready but can be patched at a later date or at the time of release. While the latter may be a positive thing, the former does mean that some experiences are faltered by a nasty glitch or broken coding. I’ve little doubt that LBP2 would have had such serious issues and even less after Evans’ additional quote: “We respect people don’t have online and don’t want to patch their game to get the full experience. We could have shipped it and it would have been fine, however we realised that with just a couple of extra week’s we could make the game super amazing, adding the super onto the already amazing which exists today. This is something that will live forever and the delay, people will forget about.” I’m more than happy to wait only a month or so in order to get the LittleBigPlanet 2 that Media Molecule consider “super amazing,” and hope that other developers have the guts (or power) to delay their own game for similar reasons. In the end all we’ll receive is better games and less time waiting for that infernal update bar to fill.


2 thoughts on “LBP2’s delay due to disconnected PS3s

  1. Oh haelll. I’m glad some game companies are actually releasing unbroken games. It’s nice to know. Especially like you said, “would have been the norm only a generation or two ago”. I applaud Media Molecule and may actually buy the game because of that.

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