2 thoughts on “New Castlevania demo on Live

  1. The N64 Castlevania games were shoddy at best. It was the first foray into 3D for Castlevania and 3D in general was new at the time. The controls are what make that game less than great.

    The second and third attempt I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Lament of Innocence (ps2) and Curse of Darkness (multi platform) were much much better than the N64 counterparts. Controls were improved greatly and I don’t recall any platform jumping that could end in miserable death again… and again.

    I’m really looking forward to playing Lords of Shadow. Visually stunning and gameplay looks tight. Should be in my mailbox tomorrow.

    Oh and for all of those God of War fanboys out there… Castlevania has roughly 20 years on God of War. I really wonder who is taking cues from who.

  2. Some very valid points there, especially how in the days of the N64, 3D was a new concept for a lot of console developers. Let me know what you think of Lords of Shadow as I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the whole ‘it’s just God of War’ debate (which you touched on just then!)

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