3DS to have downloadable Game Boy titles

Back when the DSi was announced to have internal memory, many gamers pondered at the possibility of having classic Game Boy titles released via download, similar the the Wii’s Virtual Console. While that may have never happened, at least Nintendo realised the potential in offering handheld fan-favourites and have included such a service for the 3DS. Kotaku had the scoop and although there were no titles spoken of when the service was announced,  Super Mario Land and Link’s Awakening DX (the Game Boy Colour version of Link’s Awakening with extra levels) were shown which can only mean they’re confirmed. On that note, both Game Boy and Game Boy Colour titles were said to be available for a as of yet unknown price. My guess is between 200 and 500 DS Points (£1.80 and £4.50) unless Nintendo give the 3DS a new pricing system. There are so many classic Game Boy games that it’s hard to think of what to wish for but Kirby’s Dreamland 2 and Super RC Pro Am would be a good place to start.


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