Nintendo 3DS release date is officially next year

Nintendo have proved many journalists and young hopefuls wrong by today announcing that its 3DS is to be released next year. Japan get it first and had the most detailed information with the system coming February 26th in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black colours for ¥25,000. That becomes £189 or $300 for the West but remember, a straight conversion of price never happens. While it could indeed be around $300 for the US, the UK could quite easily see the 3DS retail for £200-£220. Nintendo gave no firm price or date for Europe and the States hence my speculating of costs. All they said was that it’ll be out in March 2011 though if demand if astronomical in Japan, they could delay the Western release.

A rather sad report then on a day that many gamers were looking forward to. At least now we are closer to finding out when the 3DS will come to our shores even if it’s for a date and potential price that maybe less than pleasing.


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