Sonic 4 out in two weeks

A rather excited Microsoft PR rep has blurted the release Sonic 4, much to the delight of all those following his Twitter feed. Dominic Carey tweeted (via Eurogamer): “ZOMG! Sonic 4: Episode 1 dates for October 13th on Xbox LIVE. Bring it on Robotnik (*sigh* Eggman)”. I guess a ZOMG is warranted. Sega’s return to the roots of the franchise is proving to be fairly divicive amongst gamers. There are those who believe it can’t possibly live up to the originals – mainly because we view them now with rose tinted glasses – and others who think this is exactly what the franchise needs. Even though the announcement was made by a Microsoft rep, Sega have confirmed that the PS3 will also be getting the retro-inspired platformer on October 13th but no mention of the WiiWare or iPhone version. The price initially seems a bit steep too; 1200 MS Points (£10.20) or £9.99 on PSN. If Sega are hoping to win over those cynics and really please the fans, a price closer to the compulsive-buy territory of £7 would have helped. But instead of jumping to conclusions, lets all sit patiently for the return of the hedgehog.


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