Quick review: eBoy FixPix (iPhone)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of the most famous and pixel artists, eBoy, has made a name for himself in all forms of medium and as his art shows, he clearly likes video games. Catering for an artistic audience, his move into the gaming scene had to be as creative as it was beautiful and his iPhone App, eBoy FixPix is exactly that. It’s a modern day puzzle game using the iPhone’s motion-tracking innards to fix his broken images. By broken I mean images that appear to be multilayered with those layers subtly or dramatically unaligned. By rotating the iPhone in various angles, these layers move independently until you hit that sweet spot and the image is complete. Separating the images in this way exposes detail that wouldn’t normally be seen in the pic. A minor gripe is how you can find yourself in some very weird positions trying to line up the images and sometimes the accuracy of alignment is rather strict. A few puzzles looked as if they were complete but were not until a moved my phone a fraction to hear the retro victory music played after every successful puzzle.

FixPix contains 100 levels (or images) in one continuous stream. Once you complete a pic you move onto the next without being able to replay that level until you finish the game and start all over again. It wouldn’t normally be a problem but when you play with a group of friends – something I found to be really enjoyable with FixPix – the completionist in me wanted to solve the puzzles my friends had done rather than being forced onwards. And the art on show is fantastic so the option to saver these at a later date would have been nice.

But that aside, £1.19 for a unique puzzle game with some fantastic artwork with pittance to pay when you and a group of friends can have so much fun. It’s been out for a few months so there’s no need to wait, grab yourself a copy of eBoy FixPix and get fixing!

An outstanding experience that goes above and beyond expectations.


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