expands into video games

With the launch of apps like Game Centre and the release of Steam for Mac, Apple clearly want their devices to be taken seriously by gamers. Whether or not it’s working is another thing altogether but to help with their cause, Apple have launched a new area on (via MCV) that is dedicated to gaming. Both Mac and iDevices are catered for on the site (for UK and US residents) with things like demos and trailers of triple-A games plus updates and the ability to buy said games. It’s not only a marketplace but a hub with guides and cheat codes available and an editorial section about games. Other than losing a bit of personality by having to stick with the standard design format, the section does seem quite interesting and particularly approachable for the new type of gamer than Apple’s products attract. The editorial sections could have been geared towards selling games but cleverly they mix interviews with some titbits of information.

The hub is a decent start to what will hopefully be an area of much interest. It may fundamentally be about getting you to spend some money but offers a bit of light reading to soften to blow of a depleting bank account.


2 thoughts on “ expands into video games

  1. Totally. Its true there isn’t much character but it does seem to have large potential for an Actual Marketplace.

    Right now the selection of Mac Games is limited and I believe there to be a large future potential! Its just too bad that they are so slow at adapting to the idea of Games.

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