Shadow of the Colossus and Ico remake adds Trophies, The Last Guardian may contain Move

The port of Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus and Ico may have a ghastly box-art but at least the upscaled graphics will be a wonder for the eyes. In an interview with Dengeki Online (via Andriasang), director Fumito Ueda said : “[Both games have] become HD, the textures have been redone to go along with that, and also PS3 Trophy support.” On top of these glorious new texture, Sony’s championing of 3D has made its way into the collection too. Ueda continued “Originally, we weren’t planning on making them 3D compatible, but it was decided upon suddenly when we determined compatibility would be a possibility. Neither Ico nor Shadow were made with 3D in mind originally, but they do fit it well I believe.” I’m not so bothered with Trophy support or 3D for that matter but new textures could make the already beautiful world look that much more stylised. But the quirky charm of the PS2 graphics did contribute to the feel of the game so I hope those elements aren’t lost in the upgrade.

On the subject of 3D, Ueda was questioned as to whether his next big game, The Last Guardian will include the feature: “We’re still looking into this. In its current state, we’ve pretty much used up the full system specs. However, we’d like people who don’t normally play games to play, so if it can reach these people, we’ll think about it. With this meaning, it’s not the case that there is absolutely no plan for support.” So basically they’re looking into it but aren’t ruling it out if it works. And what of Sony’s other new baby, Move? Ueda stated that if they do implement such a peripheral, it’ll be in addition to normal controls. Phew.


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