Bayonetta 2? You better believe it

Rumours of a sequel to Bayonetta have reared their pretty heads once more with director Hideki Kamiya tweeting a fairly cryptic message when asked whether Bayonetta 2 actually happen. His response was “I believe so”. Done. Woot. Bayonetta 2 confirmed right? Well no. Naturally that sparked some interest so Kamiya posted again, this time saying “She’ll be back if you believe so”…. Wha? I mean, I do believe so since the first game was fantastic and sold particularly well for Sega but that’s not to say a deal can be struck between developer and publisher for a second game.

It’s not the first time a member of the Bayonetta team have tickled our interest over a possible sequel. Early last month, producer Yusuke Hashimoto tweeted about some good news regarding Bayonetta was immanent, which ended up as nothing more than a budget version with new box art. Such is the dangers of Twitter and an overly excitable fan base.

{Thanks TVG}


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