Shadow of the beast

Once no more than a rumour, the recently confirmed HD revamp of the two most significant games in our beloved hobby have been insulted by shoddy box art. Team Ico’s wonderful Ico proves the foolishness of the argument about games being ‘too short’ and Shadow of the Colossus showed us the cruelness and importance of video game death. Both are making their way to the PS3 at some point in the future (Sony are yet to decide the date), most probably by PSN but seemingly a store-bought version is also on offer. Swedish retailer outed the box art which has all the grace and dignity of an injured ferret. While it’s true that once bought, what’s on the disc is more important than its housing but these two titles are tremendously artistic (yes games are art) and a complete package of style and brilliant gameplay should be considered. Especially when you think of how Sony pride themselves on making ad campaigns that are more pompous than informative – remember This is Living?

I may be making mountains out of mole hills on this one as is Kotaku who alerted me to the story but is it too much to want a touch more class in this medium? It is? Oh, okay then.


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