Super Mario Collection getting a special edition Wii release

Happy birthday Mario! One of, if not the, most famous faces in video games is celebrating 25 years in the business. Okay, maybe not the virtual character himself but Nintendo certainly are after their hugely popular mascot has spurned a franchise with over 240 million sales worldwide. One of those titles is getting a Wii remake as part of the celebrations with some rather special goodies bundled in. Super Mario Collection – known as Super Mario All-Stars here in the West – was a compilation of all three Mario games that appeared on the NES, Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3, plus the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2 including The Lost Levels. The pack originally came to the UK back in 1993 but is now coming to the Wii in a swanky red box with an art-book featuring unreleased scribbles and lovelies from Mario’s past. The most exciting part of the pack, for me anyway, is a soundtrack CD that spans all the Super Mario games from the beginning right up to Super Mario Galaxy 2. Joy! Here’s the catch, Super Mario Collection Special Pack so far has only been announced for Japan (coming October 21st costing ¥2,500/£19/$29). Curses! At such a low price, hardcore fans wanting nothing else but the art-book and CD could always import the game though it seems a shame to have to miss out on such a great compilation… though they probably already have it in some form or another, but that’s not the point!

{Thanks Siliconera}


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