Machinarium is coming to WiiWare

The endearing point-and-click adventure featuring a robot type thing in an industrial world full of other mechanical whatnots, Machinarium, is to be making a sideways step from personal computer to Nintendo’s Wii. To help cross the Ts and cross the Is developer Amanita Design has called upon the help of XGen Studios for the port whose last WiiWare offering was Defend Your Castle, NintendoLife reports.

The move comes a few months after Machinarium was rejected by Microsoft for inclusion to XBLA due to it being available on Mac and Linux (via 1up). Crazy I know but clearly Microsoft believe that the crime of multiplatform development should be punished. Sony was also given the chance to have such a beautiful game on their downloadable service but are yet to respond to the development team’s submission.

Who would have thought an award winning game would come up against so much resistance? At least the Wii is getting Machinarium for a price and date which is yet to be announced – though probably around 1000 Wii Points and before Christmas.


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