All aboard, ChuChu Rocket heads to iPhone and iPad

If you can think of one game from Sega’s line of unappreciated Dreamcast titles that would be perfect for this generation of touch devices, what would it be? No not that one but ChuChu Rocket! Yesterday was the Dreamcast’s eleventh anniversary and with it came news (via Slide to Play) that Sega’s multiplayer marvel would be heading to iPhones and iPads in late October.

If you’ve not played it before, ChuChu Rocket is a puzzle game that can be played alone or with up to four players who have to try and coerce 100 mice into the safety of a rocket by means of directional arrows. Each player has a coloured arrow and are awarded points for the number of mice make it out alive as there are also bi-pedal cats lumbering around the 100 maps, 50 levels and 25 levels. Local wifi and Bluetooth allows for the game to be played with friends with it taking full advantage of Apple’s new Game Centre functionality. Trust me, ChuChu Rocket is mental and terribly addictive too so be warned because you may not be able to put it down!


One thought on “All aboard, ChuChu Rocket heads to iPhone and iPad

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