Dungeon Hunter becomes a PS3 exclusive

Mobile developers Gameloft haven’t shied away from developing titles for home consoles and now they’re taken one of their own IPs and giving it the once over (quite possibly more to be honest), making it good for an exclusive PS3 downloadable. The Diablo inspired Dungeon Hunter hacked its way through the iPhone and soon will be part of the PSN lineup with lots and new improvements making it an almost new experience. The art-style has had a significant boost and not just because of the high definition aspect either. The screenshots (more after the break) and report from GamerBytes suggest that Dungeon Hunter now has a touch of the hugely popular Torchlight about it. Character creation comes into play with gamers crafting their own hero through the traditional experience points over 30 plus levels and a multiplayer component has also been added. Play both online and off with up to three other dungeon hunters taking on the giant spiders and trolls that aren’t too keen of your existence.

When is it out? Sadly no date has been announced yet or a price for that matter but rest assured Dungeon Hunter will be available on your PS3s soon.


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