Gran Turismo 5’s paintwork smudging damage

From its very beginning, the Gran Turismo series has delivered a wealth of highly detailed cars for players to do as they please though one thing was always missing. Damage modelling. Rather than marvelling at the pristine bodywork, we want to see them battered to hell and the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 is said to deliver just that. Well, not quite that because only a select number of cars can be damaged. Oh and the damage looks like someone’s gone mad with the smudge tool in Photoshop. The image above (and more after the break) shows Polyphony Digital’s idea of wobbly destruction that does little to make us believe they took the challenge seriously. I doubt it’ll hurt sales too drastically but the fact that GT5‘s damage is like looking at the car’s reflection in a puddle amused me somewhat.

For balance I’ve added one that does look half decent:

For the rest, check out Kotaku‘s gallery


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