Have yourself a bloody good time

Ubisoft is aiming to give gamers a bloody good time with their newly announced multiplayer FPS aptly named Bloody Good Time. Coming to PC and Xbox 360 via digital download, BGT is based in a world of cheesy film sets with equally cheesy characters. From casinos to beech scenes, all kinds of cliche levels are available in a cartoon style reminiscent of Team Fortress 2 with quirky weapons, like a frying pan, to suit the playful art style.

Bloody Good Time is coming October 27th using the Source engine to full effect and is being developed by Outerlight who previously gave the world The Ship: Murder Party. Total Video Games speculates that BGT‘s Hunt mode will be similar to the ethos of The Ship which gave players a specific target to kill but at the same time, were someone else’s target. Naturally the standard Deathmatch and no doubt a Capture the flag kind of mode will be in there too but Hunt sounds the most interesting. Nice!


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