Kinect voice control? Non!

The saga of Kinect’s voice control trundles on after Eurogamer Spain reported a lack of European voice support. It turns out that Microsoft were bending the truth slightly when they recently confirmed voice controls would be present for Kinect’s November launch. While those who speak British English, American English, Japanese and Mexican Spanish will be able to order their 360s around via the power of speech, any other language speakers have to wait until Spring next year. The exclusion effects mainland Europe and thanks to the system being region locked, even if Europeans are fluent in the allowed languages they function will still be locked out.

This could be a major blow for Kinect before it even comes out. Voice control may not be the main reason to drop £129.99 on the peripheral but if Microsoft fail to support such a large number of consumers, even with something fairly trivial, they may feel less inclined to support Microsoft.


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