Split/Second DLC hits XBL today

Disney’s Split/Second has been boosted with three DLC packs out now on Xbox Live Marketplace, GamerZines reports. It’s believed that they’ll be coming to PSN on Thursday as most content does but nothings been confirmed. However, Xbox 360 gamers get new cars and liveries in two free pieces of DLC and one paid pack;

The Elite Vehicle Livery pack is free and changes the looks of the Brawn, Vixen and Raptor Elite vehicles.

Ryback Cyclone Special Edition pack will also cost none of your hard-earned cash, adding a new car based on the game’s Ryback Cylone.

The High Octane Supercar Vehicle pack costs 160 MS Points (£1.37/€1.92/$2) and consists of three new supercars (as the name suggests) and livery for the Ryback Cyclone.

But the number of cars wasn’t what reviews found most troubling about Split/Second but instead thought more tracks and variety would have been better. Thankfully, additional DLC has been announced for next month that will be a major update for the game and brings with it another environment to trash. Could this help with those worrying sales figure which got off to such a shaky start?


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