Citzalia: The European Union sim

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The escapism of video games has always been a powerful lure for gamers from heroic fantasies to mellow farm handling. But what about the life of a European politician? Surely there are those clambering for an experience to feel as if you’re an important member of the European Parliament (MEP)? No? Well just in case, ESN (or European Service Network) are developing an online RPG called Citzalia that puts gamers into the expensive shoes of a MEP, or other relative jobs, allowing for all important decisions like how to decorate the offices of their avatar and that pesky problem called climate change.

ESN are developing Citzalia for people who are serious about politics and wish to get an insight to the workings of the European Union, sparking debates on their forums and ultimately promoting the EU. It’s an educational tool and more cynically a marketing venture for ESN to show their talents. Citzalia has been partially funded by the EU at the price of €275,000 (£227,000) so rants about how it’s a waste of tax payers’ money are inevitable. ESN have picked up the rest of the bill and released a teaser video to show how it’s all coming along. While I respect their intentions, I wonder if those who do find Citzalia a compelling experience will do so for any decent length of time. It looks too much like corporate document attempting to be cool which I think is possibly exactly what it is. But Citzalia is still in development so you never know (but we kinda do).

{Thanks Game Politics – Via Wall Street Journal}


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