Vanquish demo out next week [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Sega announced that the demo will indeed come to the West. America sees it first on August 31st, then Europe on September 1st ending with Australia and Japan on September 2nd.

ORIGINAL STORY posted 23/08/10: Be still my itchy trigger finger, Andriasang has found a worthy piece of news from a Gamespot Japan interview with Vanquish producer Atsushi Inaba. He revealed that a demo of Platinum Games high-octane shooter is coming to both Xbox 360 and PS3 next week on September 2nd. It isn’t clear as to whether it’ll be a Japan only demo but there many gamers already know ways around getting region specific content.

Vanquish will be proudly shown off at this year’s Tokyo Game Show on September 16th though that demo will be different from the one coming to consoles, adding more areas and a surprise character. What we’ll be getting is the prologue sequence leading up to a boss fight with Argus (no not the store). Both casual and a difficult setting will be available, the former having an auto aim feature. Inaba also said that development for Vanquish is totally finished so what we’ll see in the demo is what we’ll be getting when the game’s released on October 22nd.


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